A Retro Revamp with Gyles & George

Gyles & George creates colorful, quirky, and unique high-end jumpers and sweaters. BetFiery worked together with the brand to design and launch their new ecommerce website.

The British knitwear brand originally launched in the 1980s after Gyles Brandreth wore brightly-colored sweaters in the televised final of the National Scrabble Championships of Great Britain. The wacky sweaters became a uniquely-recognized staple of Gyles’, leading him to partner with George Hostler to begin Gyles & George.

BetFiery brought 80’s nostalgia into the website design to reinvigorate the brand with its eclectic style and eye-catching colors the sweaters are so well-known for. 

The new website uses a mix of modern and original imagery, bringing a fresh twist on classic designs while paying homage to the legacy of the products.

We created icons based on the heritage products of the brand, which also takes inspiration from illustrations featured in knitting books published by Gyles & George.

This is the brand’s first dedicated ecommerce website, which coincides with the relaunch of their knitwear collection in collaboration with Rowing Blazers.

Check out the website here. To learn more about our work with Rowing Blazers, click here.

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