A Revolutionary Skincare Brand Launch

Pavise is a new brand from B.A.I. Biosciences, Inc. that offers products which protect against UV-induced skin damage through its patented technologies. Pavise created the first 100% zinc oxide-based mineral sunscreen that appears completely transparent on all skin tones.

BetFiery worked with the Pavise team to design and develop a new website on Shopify Plus. The ecommerce experience features subscriptions powered by Recharge and a content-rich blog that educates consumers on the science behind the suncare products that they use and the importance of protecting against UV exposure.

Educational content about the differences & benefits of ingredients in sunscreen

Pavise is the first brand of B.A.I. Biosciences, Inc., a new generation biotechnology company founded by scientist Sophie Bai that is innovating skin health, beginning with the suncare experience. B.A.I., which stands for Beyond Active Ingredient, believes that skincare is healthcare and has over 20 patented technologies using first-to-market molecules in the cosmetic and dermatology space, including those used in Pavise products. 

Real proven results from customers

Check out their website here:

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