Celebrating BetFiery's 15th Anniversary

June 1, 2021 marks BetFiery's 15th year in business. To celebrate the milestone, we built a site that highlights one project each year since our start in 2006. Looking back at these old projects reminded us of how much we've grown in the past 15 years (and how much the internet has changed as well!).

“It’s been an incredible journey for the past 15 years," BetFiery CEO Peter Kang says. "We’re so grateful and proud of all we’ve accomplished as an organization, all the talented people who’ve come through, all the great clients we’ve had the privilege of working with, and the lasting relationships we’ve formed through the years. Looking ahead, we truly believe that we’re still in the early stages of BetFiery’s growth and very excited to realize the full potential of our company.”

Thank you to our clients, team, alumni, friends, and family alike for an incredible journey so far. Check out the website for a trip down memory lane.

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