Barry’s the originator of the HIIT workout, dubbed ‘The Best Workout In The World’. Barry’s came to BetFiery for a holistic digital strategy to that better aligned with their in-studio experience.

Technical Approach Diagram

Technical approach mapping for designing a global booking flow.

Desktop screenshots of the 'Workout' and 'First Timers' page of the Barrys website

Key storytelling templates that introduce the workout and first time experience to clients

Barrys website screenshots of the studio landing page and studio locator page.

Pages to find and explore local studios

Screenshots of the Blog Listing and Blog Detail pages from the Barrys website

Events pages

Screenshots of the Barrys blog landing page and the blog detail page

The blog dubbed the 'Red Light District'

Screenshots of the Barrys ecommerce experience

Streamlined ecommerce experience

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