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Beast's Instagram Strategy: Fostering Healthy Eating Through Transparency, Community Stories, and Culinary Inspiration

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Beast Blender Plus

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10% off Summer Flash Sale

Beast is on a mission to make healthy eating affordable and easy through their highly innovative personal blenders. Beast leverages the community-driven nature of Instagram to empower their followers to confidently use their products through FAQ sessions, customer features, and recipe sharing. 

Beast shares its answers to questions from followers via an FAQ Instagram Story page

By frequently hosting FAQ sessions in their Instagram Stories, they demystify their products, addressing common questions and concerns. This transparent approach not only builds trust but also educates their audience on the benefits and nuances of their product.

Beast re-posts followers’ stories to show different ways they are using the product

They consistently spotlight and celebrate members of their community, showcasing real-life testimonials and success stories using the Beast Blender.

Beast regularly shares new recipes with their followers

Beast posts delicious, easy recipes, often sourced or inspired by their community. They highlight the versatility of their products and also offer followers practical ways to incorporate healthy eating into their daily lives.

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