Built to Last with Station

Station is a company based in Phoenix, Arizona, that creates high quality, made-to-last desks that are customized and built for each individual. 

With over 11,000 different ways that desks can be designed, the customizable aspect of Station’s products offers the ability to make each desk unique to you. 

Station partnered with BetFiery to help them launch their brand to market, which debuted with a newly designed website made to showcase the scale and versatility of their desks. 

With a goal to launch with a foundation for their digital strategy, BetFiery built a brand system that included a full typeface treatment, selection of colors, layouts, icons, and motion system. BetFiery created a no-frills, product-first design system in tribute to the craftsmanship of the desks. We made sure that the visuals were in service of the product, rather than taking center stage.

A consistent tone of voice and copy system complements the aesthetic of Station's design aesthetic in order to build trust with prospective customers.

The core of the website revolves around a bespoke customizer experience where users can modify their desk to make it perfect for them. We approached the design and experience of it by testing several prototypes to ensure that the customizer is easy, simple, and fun to use while being robust enough to support the business goals of the company. 

As part of the brand’s launch, we also created a campaign concept for Station’s go-to-market strategy that includes a variety of billboard advertisements designed to be displayed in the driveable city of Phoenix. 

Check out the website here.

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