Celebrating Childhood with the Sunday Collective

The Sunday Collective is a gender-neutral, sustainable children's clothing brand creating timeless pieces made of the highest quality fabrics.

Coinciding with their 2021 Fall launch, we redesigned The Sunday Collective's website to showcase the story of the collection, educate customers about the brand's story and mission, and increase conversions through a seamless shopping experience.

Using hand-drawn elements, minimal moments of yellow and adventure-themed icons, we created a digital design system with a playful yet elevated look and feel.

We cemented The Sunday Collective’s stance on sustainability and emphasized the importance of transparency through immersive educational modules and pages. Through the blog, the website allows users to dive deeper into how the brand is putting its beliefs into practice.

 We created an immersive lookbook experience for the current season’s collection, giving the user the opportunity to shop the story and learn more about the inspiration behind the pieces.

Check out the site here.

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