Dominating the Wellness Conversation with Well+Good

Well+Good is a premier online lifestyle and news publication devoted to helping navigate the wellness space.

Since 2016, BetFiery has been Well+Good’s digital partner for all things web design, email, development, and strategy. In our latest work together, we designed and launched their Wellness Trends for 2022—a round-up that provides the biggest trends and groundbreaking innovations in the wellness space for the year to come.

BetFiery helped create a unique experience that communicates the upcoming trends in wellbeing. The 2022 Trends hub helps extend the brand’s existing sophisticated digital identity, creating a more defined space for well-curated content that’s always ahead of the curve.

zImmersive animations and glowing color palettes also bring a fresh dynamic to the Trends Hub that attracts users to dive deeper into content featured, naturally encouraging them to discover new articles within the Well+Good domain.

Well+Good also wanted to feature their team of leading wellness experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. To do so, we created a space to emphasize their expertise, so that their work, which is at the forefront of the industry, could be highlighted.

Check out 2022’s upcoming wellness trends here.

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