Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Biolite

BioLite is a company that specializes in developing innovative bioenergy products to provide clean, sustainable solutions for off-grid environments. These products include portable stoves, solar panels, lighting solutions, and power banks. 

Through its innovative approach to energy generation, Biolite’s devices are designed to convert waste heat into usable electricity. With a mission to minimize environmental impact, BioLite aims to enhance the outdoor experience for adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

We partnered with Biolite and provided comprehensive consulting on the design phase and migrated their site to Shopify 2.0 to enhance speed and increase efficiency for editing. We contributed to the development of key features on the product detail page (PDP), product listing page (PLP), and home page (HP), while ensuring a seamless migration of all other pages on the site.

On the home page, we introduced a “Shop By” category module that not only helps customers navigate through Biolite’s offerings, but it also showcases customer reviews to enhance the brand’s storytelling and social proof. To highlight the brand’s commitment to sustainability, we integrated an “Energy on a Mission” section to communicate the brand’s core values and energy practices.

Biolite Mission Page
Biolite Mobile Devices

The new PDP seamlessly integrates Rebuy, alongside an impactful comparison chart to deliver a visual display of the different product models. We also developed a dynamic "What it Powers" module to illustrate the profound impact of the charges across a wide range of devices.  

Visit the Biolite website here.

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