Empowering Womens’ Health With Feminade

Feminade is a digital health company that focuses on women’s hormone and reproductive health by providing advanced at-home testing, Telehealth services, evidence-based holistic treatments, and education. 

Feminade partnered with BetFiery to design a scalable, modern, and functional website that communicates their brand and values while connecting with their audience who are interested in affordable, holistic solutions for their health.

The online concierge service offers direct-to-consumer at-home hormone testing and Telehealth, as well as personalized naturopathic treatment plans crafted with an evidence-based holistic approach.

The website provides educational content and outlines Feminade’s core services, therefore the brand system we created includes colors, fonts, and imagery with soft yet bold and feminine accents.

Knowing that community was core to the Feminade company, there are multiple modules that highlight stories from real women through testimonials and reviews, which increases confidence and credibility when signing up for a membership.

For visitors curious about the benefits of Feminade’s different product plans, we created a Membership Plans page that clearly lays out what customers receive within each membership tier. To encourage new member sign ups, we created multiple pathways for users to seamlessly sign up for a Feminade membership.

Check out the website here

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