Explore, Discover, and Grow with The Sunday Collective

The Sunday Collective is a new children’s fashion brand bringing quality, sustainable materials and minimal, gender-neutral designs to children’s clothes. 

BetFiery partnered with The Sunday Collective to help tell the unique story of their founding, their approach to children’s clothes, and their passion for sustainability through their essential email automations in klaviyo.

With a fresh take on the style of children’s clothes, including subdued colors, adjustable features, and gender-neutral pieces, and an emphasis on better quality materials and production practices involved in making them, we were tasked with finding a way to combine all these unique elements into one narrative. 

Inspired by the cinematography of Wes Anderson, we used bold, solid colors and graphic type to showcase the fun and creativity children inspire, as well as highlighted the unique ways kids can build on the design, colors, and quality of The Sunday Collective Clothes to develop their own sense of style throughout their childhood.  

Check out The Sunday Collective and subscribe to their emails here.

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