Finding Balance With Headspace Health

Headspace Health is a leading provider of mental health and wellbeing solutions, providing access to mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement, and focus exercises.

BetFiery designed the website and launched a new brand to market for Headspace Health—the new corporate entity of the recently merged mindfulness app company—Headspace—and Ginger, which provides support and on-demand mental health services.

With a goal of representing all of Headspace Health’s mental health organizations and offerings, we designed a website that would showcase their vision and embrace positive transformation in mental healthcare.

The About Us page provides a clear visual overview of the brands, including their collective vision, mission, story, and values, as well as the team of care providers and innovators that help make them a leader in the industry.

To achieve having a space for potential employees searching for roles, we created a Careers page so that individuals passionate about mental health can now find a meaningful career in the industry.

The new Headspace Health website was designed by BetFiery and brought to life with subtle animations on Webflow, built by BX Studio

Check out the website here.

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