Honoring Heritage with Warm & Wonderful

Warm & Wonderful is a British knitwear brand most known for its red wool sheep sweater, famously worn by the late Princess Diana. BetFiery helped relaunch the brand with their new dedicated ecommerce website to coincide with the release of their newest collection.

Founded in 1979, Warm & Wonderful quickly found success with their Red Sheep Sweater worn by celebrities and iconoclasts worldwide. In 2020, the iconic product found success again after a collaboration with Rowing Blazers, which led to the launch of Warm & Wonderful’s first online storefront in 2021.

Warm & Wonderful relaunched their brand and expanded their product line using the sought-after black sheep motif in different accessories and colors of sweaters. BetFiery designed and built an ecommerce website that offers a modern and straightforward experience while acknowledging the heritage of the brand. 

The new website includes a mix of legacy and modern imagery, and is reminiscent of the original pattern that Warm & Wonderful is so widely recognized for. This is especially highlighted on the About Us page, which brings history and heritage together to tell its full story.

Check out the website here. To learn more about our work with Rowing Blazers, visit here.

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