Person holding a Joovv device in their hand

Joovv creates the most powerful in-home red light therapy devices in the world. Their new generation of products (3.0) is completely re-engineered to deliver the most effective results. To align with the launch, we worked with Joovv on a rebrand and new Shopify ecommerce experience.

Color palette

The new spectrum of color is inspired by nanometers of visible light.

Joovv icons on white background
Front and back view of the Joovv device
Joovv Go and app design
Joovv posters in a subway
Collage of science modules from the Joovv website

The science comes to life throughout the site, with opportunities for visitors to try out the latest product virtually. 

Quiz question and quiz result from

An interactive quiz guides customers to the right device based on their personal needs and home environment.

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