Kickstarting the Season with Wrexham AFC

Wrexham AFC is a professional football club based in Wrexham, Wales and boasts a rich history deeply rooted in both Welsh and English football. With a devoted fan following, the club actively competes in multiple leagues, leaving an indelible mark on the United Kingdom's footballing legacy.

BetFiery collaborated with Wrexham AFC to design and build their U.S merch website on Shopify. With an array of premium-quality products, this showcases a diverse range of styles that resonate with fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Wrexham “Men” Mobile Product Detail Pages

Our primary goal was to get the Wrexham merch store up and running quickly to align with the launch of Season 2. To achieve this, we hit the ground running immediately and came to our first session with a working prototype. Over four weeks, we collaborated with our client over the course of four weeks to refine the prototype and launch the new store.

The launch of the Wrexham merch store promises a convenient and efficient shopping experience for fans of Wrexham AFC and enthusiasts of the series. The platform’s flexibility and streamlined design process will enable the swift development of new features and enhancements to cater to the ever-growing demand. 

Key integrations, including Loop returns, GDPR-compliant cookie banners, and Klaviyo for email sign-ups, are seamlessly incorporated into this standard Shopify setup. This standard Shopify store framework provides a strong foundation for the site’s functionality and ensures a smooth user experience. 

Visit the Wrexham website here.

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