Getting as Real as a Texas Summer with Luck Springs

Luck Springs is an Austin, Texas based company crafting hard teas & lemonades that are made with real fruit juice, black tea, and nothing artificial.

BetFiery partnered with Luck Springs to help launch their brand to the world through a Shopify website design and automated email strategy.

Luck Springs is on a mission to develop a delicious, and natural, collection of hard teas & lemonades that are perfect for wherever life takes you. Whether that's the trail, a day by the water, or just an afternoon with good friends. Born and crafted in Austin, Texas Luck Springs wanted to make something that captures the Austin spirit and offers a delicious and refreshing break from the space.

It was our job to make sure that Austin spirit and the focus on ingredients was something that was felt throughout the site's experience. By utilizing the brands bold and saturated color palette combined with flavor-based illustrations we were able to tell the story of a new brand, ready to get its feet wet.

We also wanted to make sure we could translate the energy of the site into the Welcome Series emails we designed for brand. Before the launch of the brand, we developed a preview page to collect the emails of interested potential customers. Once the brand was launched, we were able to utilize a three-part series to introduce users to Luck Springs and get them excited about a new way to drink.

Check out the site here.

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