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Lucy & Yak's Digital Threads: Stitching Sustainability into Subscriber Inboxes

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Riley Jumpsuit: Organic Cotton in Black

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20% Student Discount

The sustainable fashion brand, Lucy & Yak, has garnered significant attention for its eco-friendly clothing and dedication to ethical practices. An integral part of their customer engagement strategy is their captivating email campaigns that promote their products, highlight their sustainable practices, and engage their customers.

Lucy & Yak's Welcome Email

Upon subscribing to Lucy & Yak’s newsletter, customers are welcomed into the brand's eco-conscious and inclusive community with an informative email that highlights the brand's mission, includes a 10% discount code, invites customers to their physical stores, and promotes their app. Their app can be easily downloaded from the email by scanning the QR code with a phone, or clicking on the link.

Lucy & Yak's Promotional Emails

Special discounts and promotions are a staple in Lucy & Yak's emails. The company effectively encourages purchases by offering limited-time offers, showcasing its latest sustainable collections, and sending reminders for items left on the cart.

Lucy & Yak's Impact Report Email

Lucy & Yak’s "Impact Report" email series that highlights their sustainable work across the business, in which, they promote a way of sourcing, producing, and doing business that positively impacts people and the planet. This kind of sneak peek into behind-the-scenes content connects customers directly to the heart of Lucy & Yak's operations and ethos.

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