Pavise is a new brand from B.A.I. Biosciences, Inc. that offers products which protect against UV-induced skin damage through its patented technologies. Pavise created the first 100% zinc oxide-based mineral sunscreen that appears completely transparent on all skin tones.

With a background as a scientist, Pavise's founder, Sophie Bai, created a brand was rooted in science, clinical trials, and education.

To establish Pavise as a thought-leader in the sun-care and skincare industry, we built a robust editorial hub which features shoppable articles from sun-care experts.

To educate customers that sun-care is an all year concern, we built a subscription program with Recharge which increases customer loyalty and their LTV.

To foster customer loyalty and increase LTV, we implemented a loyalty program on Yotpo including a landing page with how the program works, how to earn rewards, and what they can use rewards towards.

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