Personalizing Luxury Knitwear with Le Lion

Made with the finest Italian yarn and knitted in classic silhouettes, Le Lion specializes in knitwear and accessories with customizable embroidery and personalized monograms, letters, and zodiacs.

As part of an ongoing partnership, Le Lion asked BetFiery to reimagine their online presence on Shopify.

Inspired by Le Lion’s vintage feel and their nod to the past, we recreated a digital design system infused with nostalgia and memories with image collages, vintage photography and script type, while maintaining a premium look and feel.

As part of the redesign, we also rethought how products and embellishments were managed in the content management system. We needed the system to be flexible and robust for the Le Lion team as they continue to scale and expand their product catalog. We designed a customization flow that is not only manageable in the backend but also provides a smooth experience for the user to select/change their personalized item as they browse.

In order to accurately articulate the aesthetic Le Lion has as a luxury brand, we rethought the their digital design system with new typography and colors and added in unique moments throughout the site to delight users.

The mobile experience was top-of-mind while designing the customization flow — we needed to ensure that it was as seamless as the desktop experience. With the new implementation, the team can now easily manage inventory and orders in the backend and users can shop with ease. 

Check out the site here.

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