Redefining Health with The Nue Co.

The Nue Co. is a direct-to-consumer supplement company that merges science and natural innovation to interconnect the health of people and the planet. 

The Nue Co. partnered with BetFiery to develop a high-performing website that establishes and communicates their brand and purpose, as well as provides customers with a frictionless journey to discover products and convert.

The partnership kicked off with a design collaboration where BetFiery supplemented the core site designs with key content pages, including the Journal, Checkout, Account/Subscription Management pages, Contact page, and a modular marketing landing page. 

In order to drive traffic to product pages, BetFiery designed the Journal section - dedicated to educational articles and guides on different aspects of health and wellbeing - with a key focus on making the content as shoppable as possible. This includes easy navigation that leads users directly to specific categorized content, and seamless calls to action that drive users to product pages and checkout. 

Scalability was a goal in mind when designing a modular marketing landing page. The flexible template allows to effectively and rapidly create pages that meet various objectives for the brand, with a main goal of directing traffic from targeted emails and ads to the pages during specific promotions and marketing campaigns. 

The new Shopify Plus website was developed and launched by BetFiery and features a consultation that provides product recommendations specific to individual needs, subscription management, customer reviews, and Buy Now Pay Later abilities. 

The Nue Co.’s products are made with consciously-sourced ingredients using processes that protect the environment, and are centered around targeted solutions to gut health as well as sleep, stress and skin issues. The ecommerce stores are available to shop in the US, UK, and EU. 

Visit The Nue Co.’s website here.

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