Refreshing the Wellness Scene with Well+Good

Well+Good is a premier lifestyle and news publication devoted to the wellness scene, where they’ve been a trusted and influential leader for over a decade.

Since 2016, BetFiery has been their digital partner for all things web design, email, development, and strategy.

We partnered with Well+Good to refresh the look and feel of their website and design an editorial experience that encourages discovery of topics, articles and video content across the site. We gave Well+Good a new look using colors that feel organic and natural, with an updated typeface that has flowing italic characters and feels classically editorial.

As a leader in wellness, Well+Good wanted to design a new ‘About Us’ page to showcase their vision for the industry and help define and demystify what living a healthy life means. With a mission to make wellness achievable and a right for all, the About Us page cements wellness as an ecosystem that goes beyond having a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

As Well+Good continues to see massive growth, we designed several bespoke content experiences for their site, including Youtube series, health expert features, sponsored content, and editorial franchises. We built a modular design system so those components could be mixed, matched, and reused to support the needs and formats of all content and article types. 

We redesigned the email ecosystem which includes the welcome flow, daily newsletter, shopping emails, and branded dedicated emails.

Check out the website here. To learn more about our work with Well+Good see our case study.

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