Person holding a Joovv device in their hand

SmartyPants Vitamins creates healthy everyday supplements for kids, adults and pets. We worked closely with the SmartyPants and SmartyPaws team to reimagine their digital presence and build a website that can scale to meet the needs of their fast growing business.

SmartyPants mobile first

The newly designed SmartyPants Vitamins digital presence is optimized for mobile browsing.

SmartyPants inside the gummy

Storytelling pages highlight the quality, ingredients, and health benefits in each gummy.

SmartyPants typography

Typography styles on the website help to extend the quirky nature of the SmartyPants brand.

SmartyPants iconography

A series of new icons were developed for ingredients.

SmartyPants typography

The new SmartyPaws site features an array of dog friendly formulas and provides an opportunity for subscription.

SmartyPants iconography

Emails campaigns introduce new site visitors to the SmartyPants and SmartyPaws brand.

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