The Magic of Once Upon A Farm

Once Upon a Farm was built on a dream by co-founders John Foraker, Jennifer Garner, and Cassandra Curtis in crafting better, nutritious foods for little ones. Using the magic of high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to lock in the nutrients and flavors of farm-fresh ingredients, they pioneered the first cold-pressed, organic fruit and veggie blends for babies. Today, Once Upon a Farm shares an even better story and is on a greater mission in providing organic, crave-worthy, refrigerated snacks for children of all ages. 

To launch the new Once Upon a Farm brand to market, BetFiery worked with the internal team to reimagine the website on Shopify Plus.

Inspired by Once Upon a Farm’s dedication to using simple, clean ingredients in an otherwise GMO cluttered market, we collaborated with CAVU to develop a digital design system that infused the playful nature of the new brand, while maintaining a premium look and feel.

In an effort to age up the Once Upon a Farm brand the site was restructured to prioritize collections over audience. This results in a visual, product focused navigation and filters that focus on age, rather than stage.

To increase the retention rate of users on the website and prevent churn, BetFiery optimized the subscription experience to allow customers to swap items in their subscription, edit their delivery schedule, and add products to their order.

In addition to the website, BetFiery designed a series of Klaviyo automated emails that introduce parents to the delicious world of Once Upon a Farm, and encourage them to shop the latest flavors and products.

Check out the site here.

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