Trailblazing Graduate Education With The Graduate Center of CUNY

The Graduate Center of The City University of New York is a leader in public graduate education, committed to doctoral and master’s education and dedicated to the idea that learning is a public good.

Through a broad range of nationally prominent doctoral programs, the Graduate School at CUNY prepares students to be scholars, teachers, experts, and leaders in the academy, the arts and in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.

The CUNY Graduate Center collaborated with BetFiery to reimagine a website that would showcase the innovation and prestige of their academics and research. With this in mind, we focused on creating a navigation that would showcase their programs, offerings, and vast content collection, as well as encourage prospective students to apply.

To grow new interest and increasing inquiries from prospective students, we designed the website for users to seamlessly navigate through content that would mimic the full student journey, from the academic programs offered through to the admissions process.

In addition to information for prospective students, the navigation highlights high-level categories that other key audiences may be interested in. This includes distinguishing offerings such as the innovative research they carry out, as well as their latest news.

To extend their existing brand system on the web, we streamlined the use of color and typography to cement their digital presence, and we created an iconography system with dual tone icons to visually break through content. 

We also art directed the photography on the site to capture the ‘moments and milestones’ that students will accomplish while at CUNY The Graduate Center.

The website for The Graduate Center of The City University of New York was designed by BetFiery and brought to life with development by OHO.

Check out the website here

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