Waiting room with couches, plants, and different products on shelves.

Yinova is an acupuncture clinic in New York City transforming patient care. We partnered with them to redefine their digital experiences with a new WordPress and Shopify site.

screenshots of the yinova desktop experience

A series of educational pages help define the Yinova experience and teach prospective clients

modules from the yinova site design system

The digital experience is rooted in a series of reusable modules

a screenshot of the yinova site with desktop and mobile views

The site is optimized for exploration through products and articles

image of indoors space with plants and chairs

As well as the website, we also created a series of photography and lifestyle content

yinova product on a windowsill

This photography includes highlighting Yinova's own wellness product line

illustrations of acupuncture on the body

Illustrations showing different wellness techniques further helped communicate detailed information to users in an easy way

a series of unique icons created for yinova

We defined a unique iconography system to be used across different channels for the brand.

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